. . . Customer Faq

LeaseDealsOfTheDay.com is the automotive advertising marketplace for consumers to shop, compare and $ave on the best deals of the day, week or month.                                         

 . . . Our Vision - to create a better automotive shopping experience for clients, all-in-one place by promoting and marketing only super-deal$. 

. . . Our Mission - to provide the most up-to-date real-time-deals, images, and news on the nation’s best automotive advertising dealerships.

. . . Quick FAQ:

– How do you know if you’re getting the best-deal?

     A:  With LeaseDealsOfTheDay.com you get to shop the “best-deals & prices of the day” + more, in addition we make it easier for you to compare your deal(s) and/or market value / prices, plus our platform will help you select, find and acquire the biggest $aving on the vehicles of your choice in a matter of minutes!

– How easy is it to shop online with LeaseDealsOf TheDay.com?

     A:  You can find the best-deals of your choice “in minutes” by simply selecting from the MENU – (shopping tools) payment, price, make, dealer + more, but most importantly shop with confidence and convenience.

– How long does it take to lease or buy a vehicle with LD?

     A:  With LeaseDealsOfTheDay.com - you can lease or buy in minutes - literally - by clicking (Take Deal) on the AD page you’ll either link to the dealer site (credit application page) or link to our page to request a credit application to be e-mailed or faxed for the lease or purchase of your vehicle(s) - its that simple; in addition for your convenience you may request to have the vehicle along with the lease/purchase documents/contract delivered to your place of work or home.  We make it fast and easy for you!

– Is it necessary to visit the dealerships where the vehicle is being leased or purchased from?

     A:  No; for your convenience the transaction from start to finish can take place through LeaseDealsOfTheDay.com - your “one-stop-shop” for new or certified pre-owned vehicles; however you may arrange with the seller/dealer to test drive or have your vehicle pick-up at the dealer should you wish to see it before contracting your deal.  The choice is yours!

– Are factory deals - purchased or leased through LeaseDealsOfTheDay.com?

     A:  No; factory deals are promoted and marketed by the manufacture(s) and therefore are leased or purchased from any authorize new car dealership(s).  However; LeaseDealsOfTheDay.com is your one stop-shop Automotive Super $ales Network and therefore also promotes and markets manufactures deals for your convenience.  LD also makes it easier for you to link and search all manufactures deals and any available special offers all-in-one place.

– Does LD offer or promote any other type of automotive advertisements, deals or huge savings?

     A:  Yes our website and super sales platform can link you to weekly, weekend and monthly specials + factory specials all-in-one place, making your shopping experience a breeze...

– How often are these digital virtual-deals updated on LeaseDealsOfTheDay.com?

     A:  1Day super $ales are updated daily and are only valid for a grace period of 24 hours, after that they automatically end once the 24 hour clock runs out.  Please check back daily for new-deals or JOIN LD FREE for real-time deal alert on the vehicles of your choice by clicking here.

– Why use us?

     A:  We are a NEW car shopping company that makes it much easier for you to shop, compare, lease, buy or $ave on the best automotive deals of the day.  Automotive Dealerships will compete for your business every single day in (real-time) thus passing their BIG $avings on to you instantly.  LeaseDealsOfTheDay.com helps you get the best-deals that are right for you, so enjoy shopping with confidence, convenience and ease!   

* * * With other conventional websites - you will need to submit a request for each model/s of your choice, plus negotiate a deal with each dealer(s) - a conventional buying process that can take “hours if not days, weeks or months” to just make a simple single purchase / transaction on the vehicles of your choice.  

We at LeaseDealsOfTheDay.com value your time, money and your kind support…

. . . Advertising Guidelines

LeaseDealsOfTheDay.com website / network provides advertising for sellers of vehicles, both recreational and commercial, from dealers & private parties (PP coming soon). Any information in an advertisement, communication or contracting a deal with a seller is provided by the car dealer / seller.

. . . Guidelines for Safe Transactions

Send and receive payment safely. Consider these tips in order to send or receive payment safely.

  • If an offer looks too good to be true, it probably is! Maintain a healthy skepticism.
  • Be cautious of an individual posing as an agent representing a buyer or seller, or when dealing with someone outside your country.
  • If using an escrow service for payment of the transaction, verify that it is a reliable service. Never go to an escrow service site via a link in an email. Always go directly to the site, by typing in the URL
  • Fraud deals may involve shipping, wire transfers, overpayment or cashiers checks. Unusual requests involving the transaction may be a signal of a potential scam.
  • Use your best judgment in all transactions.

. . . Additional FAQ

Q)      What are the benefits of leasing?

A:       You can drive a newer vehicle that is always
          under warranty. 
You can drive a more luxurious
          well equipped car.

Q)      What is a lease?

A:       A lease is simply a method of financing a vehicle.
          When you lease a vehicle, you pay for only a
          portion of the vehicle’s cost, which is the part
          you “use up” during the time you are driving it.

Q)      What are my options to end my lease?

A:       You have several options available.  You can:-

          Purchase the vehicle.

          Trade the vehicle in to a Dealer.

          Transfer your Lease to someone else.

Q)      What are my responsibilities at the end of my lease?

A:       Return the vehicle to the dealer.

          Buy the vehicle at the residual value.
          The residual value can be pre-negotiated.

          Trade the vehicle in to the dealer.

          Extend your lease.

Q)      What are my responsibilities for vehicle maintenance?

A:       Follow the maintenance schedule as recommended
          by the manufacturer.

Q)      What are my responsibilities for vehicle insurance?

A:       Lease vehicles typically require full coverage.

Q)      Am I responsible for property tax on a leased vehicle?

A:      Check your State’s website for information
         on their policy regarding property tax on a
         leased vehicle.

Q)      What happens if I drive more than the miles
          allowed in my lease agreement?

A:       All lease agreement typically have an excess mileage
          charge between the amounts of 10 cents and 40 cents
          per excess mile.

Q)      How do I get license plates?

A:      In most cases, the dealership will handle
         the paperwork to get your initial license plates.
         Each year thereafter, you will receive a renewal
         notice from the Department of Motor Vehicle. 
         You are responsible for paying all the registration
         fees for the duration of your lease term.

Q)      Can I take my leased vehicle out of the United States?

A:       No. 

Q)      What if my tax rate change?

A:       If a change in the tax rate affects your payment,
          you will be notified of your new payment amount.

Q)      What happens if I move out of State?

A:       Notify your leasing company so that they can
          make sure your vehicle is appropriately registered.
          Check with the State you are moving to for their tax
          and fee schedules for your vehicle .

Q)      What happens if my vehicle is wrecked but not
          declared a total loss?

A:       You need to have your vehicle repaired.

Q)      Whom do I contact at the end of my lease to return
          my vehicle?

A:       Your leasing company.

Q)      If I haven’t received my payment booklet and
          my payment is due?

A:      Contact your leasing company.


. . .Car-Leasing Glossary

Acquisition Fee:  A charge for processing a lease.

Capitalization cost (cap cost): The total price of the vehicle, which the lessor uses to calculate the amount that the customer will be paying. This is equivalent to the purchase price of a vehicle that's sold.

Cap Cost Reduction:  Equivalent to a down payment on a purchased vehicle, this is the amount that you pay when signing the lease, in addition to any separate fees that are assessed. When you pay a larger sum initially, monthly payments will be lower. A smaller cap cost reduction means a higher monthly payment. The value of your trade-in (if any) can be applied as part of this amount.

Closed-End Lease:  A lease that fixed the vehicle's residual value initially, stating it in the contract. Most vehicle leases are closed-end, which means the customer won't owe an additional sum at the end of the term if the car turns out to be worth less than anticipated.

Dealer Participation:  An amount that the dealer contributes to lower the total price of the vehicle, in an attempt to secure the customer's business. Any dealer contribution is applied to the cap cost reduction.

Depreciation:  The amount by which a vehicle loses its value over a specified period of time, which is the difference between its original price and its residual value later. No specific figure for depreciation appears in lease contracts, but it's taken into account in setting residual values.

Disposition Fee:  An amount to be paid at the end of the lease term, to cover costs of preparing the returned vehicle for sale.

Early Termination Fee:  A penalty assessed if you choose to end the contract earlier. Lessors justify this because depreciation is highest in the early portion of a vehicle's life, so a prematurely terminated lease cuts heavily into their earnings. The penalty is likely to be hefty.

End-of-Lease Purchase Price:  An agreed-upon price that you will pay when the lease is up, if you choose to keep the vehicle.

Excess Mileage Charge:  A per-mile amount charged if you drive the vehicle more than the stated maximum, which is typically 12,000 to 15,000 miles per year. A charge of 15 cents per additional mile is typical, but it could be higher. If you expect to drive farther than the contract allows, you can usually negotiate a lower figure for the excess miles.

Excess Wear-and-Tear:  If the vehicle is returned in good condition, there should be no extra charge. A certain amount of wear-and-tear is permitted, but significant body damage or evidence of improper maintenance will trigger additional sums to be paid for necessary repairs.

Gap Insurance:  In most cases, your regular auto insurance covers the leased vehicle. If the vehicle is totally wrecked, however, it could be worth less than an insurer will pay. Gap insurance covers the difference between the cash value of the vehicle and what you still owe on the lease contract. Some leases include this in the contract.

Lease Term:  A period of months during which you have use of the vehicle and will pay an agreed-upon monthly payment. Lease terms of 24 or 36 months are most common, but 12-month leases or 60-month contracts can be obtained.

Lessee:  The person who leases a vehicle from a dealer or other organization.

Lessor:  The dealer or other organization that leases a vehicle to a customer.

Monthly Payment:  Amount that you are required to pay to the lessor or its agent every month, through the lease term.

Purchase Option:  The right to buy the vehicle that you've leased, at the end of the lease term, for a stated price.

Residual Value:  A prediction of what a vehicle is likely to be worth as it ages, usually expressed as a percentage of its original price. Residual values may be supplied for vehicles that are 24, 36, or 48 months old.

Security Deposit:  A deposit, usually refundable, required before the lease contract takes effect.

Subvented Lease:  A lease with favorable terms, due to a manufacturer's decision to absorb a portion of the cost. The manufacturer "subsidizes" part of the total price, by use of a special incentive -- a low interest rate, higher-than-normal residual value, or a discount provided by the manufacturer.






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